1-on-1 mentor sessions

Heeellllloooo fellow photog! I’m over the moon that you’re RIGHT here. You are here, considering a mentor session with me & I am ready, my friend! I’m ready to motivate you, encourage you & just love on you throughout your photography journey. Whether you just want to take better photos of your babies doing life, or if you’re already experienced and feel like you’re in a creative rut. These sessions are totally for YOU.

How’s it going to work? Well, our time together will be tailored specifically to you & the things that you would like me to help with (important note—I never said that I knew it all, but I will tell you what I do know). Haha! I will happily cover everything that I do from start to finish. From attracting + booking clients, to shooting, to the final delivery of images. Sure, there are things in between… we can go there too!

This session includes a short shoot with model(s)— either a small family, a couple or one individual. During this shoot, YOU are taking the photos and I’m just your hot date or fly on the wall; however you want to look at it. You will get to see how I shoot, what gear I like to use, camera settings, how I like to pose + direct them. You will shoot them the entire time and I can help with any questions you have throughout + give feedback.

Honestly, nothing is really off the table with this session. You can ask anything + everything! I'm an open book. You just choose what we focus on and come prepared with your questions.

>>> These sessions are approx 4 - 4.5 hours, includes lots of coffee, tea, mimosas, tons of feedback and most likely some awkward high fives. Don’t forget, some behind the scenes footage for the gram & probably a few candid shots + headshots, from me.…to you. Must have a DSLR camera.

Sessions include (but are not limited to):

+ finding your niche, your style + your aesthetic

+ how to attract & book your ideal client

+ shooting & posing | organically directing

+ live shoot with models

+ finding good light, anywhere

+ workflow - from start to finish

+ goal setting & constructive criticism on anything

+ pricing help

+ advertising, collaborating, instagram

+ basic lightroom + photoshop

>>> $400 ($100 to book)


“the basics” chat

Maybe you’re not interested in starting a photography business? Perhaps you just want to learn how to take better photos & operate in manual (‘cause you NEED to)! Do you need editing help? Then bring your DSLR camera, your laptop & let’s grab a coffee & chat.

Sessions include (but are not limited to):

+ finding your niche, your style + your aesthetic
+ 1-1.5 hour meet up
+ covering manual mode on your camera
+ we’ll take some still shots
+ learn to find good light, anywhere
+ constructive criticism on anything
+ editing help in lightroom or photoshop

>>> $175 (50% to book)